As SLPP, 4 Others Registered….. APC, NGC To Boycott Bye-Election


The All People’s Congress (APC) and the National Grand Coalition (NGC) have stated that they will not register to participate in the council bye-election that will take place on the 20th April, 2019 in Ward 257, Masiaka, Port Loko District.

Speaking to the APC National Publicity Secretary, Cornelius Deveaux, he stated that APC’s non-participation in the Ward 257 bye-election is not news. “We are not putting up a candidate; that is clear,” he said, adding, “We put out a press release to the effect. APC will not take part in any election unless the Chief Commissioner of the National Elections Commission (NEC), N’fa Alie resigns.”

Similarly, NGC which is also aggrieved has also asked for N’fa Alie to resign and that the party will not field in a candidate for the Ward 257 election if he remains the NEC Chairman. It could be recalled that after the NEC Chairman announced the result of the bye-election held in Ward 196 in Tonko Limba on the 14th March, 2019, both APC and NGC that took part in it contested the result. APC accused NEC of colluding with the ruling SLPP to rob them of victory. Both NGC and APC alleged irregularities in the conduct of the said election by NEC.

Presenting their parties’ position to the public on radio last week, Dr. Richard Konteh and Dr. Dennis Bright of APC and NGC respectively expressed their parties’ grievance and disappointment over the outcome of that election. They charged N’fa Alie and his Commission of incompetence and corruption, thereby betraying the will of the people of Tonko Limba. As such, APC hold the conviction that any election conducted by NEC under the leadership of Nfa Alie is a done deal for SLPP.

Therefore, Dr. Richard Konteh said APC sees Nfa Alie as a serious threat to democracy, peace and security for the way and manner conducted the Ward 196 election. The best solution to the problem, he said, is for N’fa Alie to resign.

NGC’s Dr. Bright alleged that over voting and ballot stuffing were done in five polling stations. Instead of NEC disqualifying the votes from those stations, it included them in the final tally without the political parties that took part in the election and observers present. He also on behalf of NGC called on Nfa Alie to resign.

When contacted, the NEC Director of Outreach Albert Massaquoi when asked if APC and NGC will not take part in the April 20th bye-election replied that taking part in an election is a choice of political parties, stating that there are seventeen political parties in the country.

He confirmed that five registered parties – SLPP, PDP, UP, RULF and RENIP have confirmed that they will take part in the election. He reported that this is the first time five political parties have registered to take part in a bye-election, the average being usually two and three. However, he disclosed that NEC is in engagement with APC and NGC.

As in Ward 196, the April 20th bye-election in Ward 257 is necessitated by the death of the councilor who was elected in the March 2018 election.