As Resident Minister-North Threatens To Kill… Bio Angry

Resident Minister-North, Abu Abu Koroma has incurred the wrath of President Bio after he made very inciting statements in Makeni past Saturday that led to his suspension from office indefinitely. Uncharacteristically, President Bio issued the press release on Sunday.

Very unmindful of the government’s responsibility to protect lives and properties, as well as to protect and promote the human rights of all its citizens, Abu Abu Koroma was videoed saying publicly that any youth who misbehaves, they will break their legs and go after their parents.

Throwing decency aside, he called the youth bastards for allowing themselves to be used by people to cause trouble whose children are living abroad enjoying.

That is why I have instructed the Brigade commander and the AIG to shoot to kill, he said, adding, that is why I came myself, if I meet riot here I will kill. We will shoot and kill and let the victim’s mother wear black. We will go after your parents and arrest them. Trying to end in a reconciliatory tone, Abu Abu called on the youth of Makeni not to allow people to incite them. When a politician says go and fight for me, tell him to be in front and you will follow,” he said.

Abu Abu’s incendiary statements was deemed as unacceptable conduct and his remarks as misrepresenting the government and the President’s position, with the President maintaining that he remains unwaveringly committed to addressing lawlessness and incitement to violence against the state.