As Petition Case Ends Tomorrow… 16 APC MPs Await Ruling


By Thomas S. Kembay

Justice Momojah Sevens presiding over the High Court of Freetown yesterday Wednesday 8th May, 2019 informed counsels representing both petitioners and respondents that he would complete all petition cases relating to the 7th March, 2018 parliamentary election before him on Friday 10th May.

According to Justice Momojah Stevens, notices for the judgement would be sent out to all parties within the shortest possible time. He noted that time for the election petition cases has elapsed and that trials would be by affidavits of evidence sworn to and presented by all parties.

The Judge however assured that judgement would be delivered as soon as the trial is completed. He further assured that his judgement would not be influenced by any external or internal forces.

Justice Momojah Stevens on that day presided over three petition cases involving Aaron T. Koroma (petitioner) and Hon. Isaac Tarawallie (respondent) of Constituency 118, Fatmata Sarah Sulaiman (petitioner) and Hon. Emmanuel Saidu Conteh (respondent) of Constituency 129, and Sahr Sahid Sacco (petitioner) and Hon. Wurroh Timbo Jalloh (respondent) of Constituency 119.

It could be recalled that the petitioners had petitioned the respondents, who are sitting Members of Parliament, for alleged election malpractices, violence and intimidation.

Counsels for the respondents have however argued that the allegations brought against their clients lack specificity as there are no facts and evidence attached to their affidavits to substantiate their claims.

The petitions were represented by Lawyer I. Kanu, M. Mewa, J. J Campbell, C. Sawyer and J.K Lansana, whilst the respondents were represented by B. Koroma, S. Bah, A. Macauley, A.F Sesay and E.D. Taylor.