AS Pa-O-Pa Declares APC Operatives Wanted… Kabineh Fofanah Escapes Death


The pronouncement of the 31st March, 2018 presidential runoff election results by the Chief Returning Officer of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on 4th April led to serious political persecutions and destruction of lives and properties nationwide, especially in the strongholds of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) whose presidential candidate won the election in a close contest.

According to report from Bunumbu Town in the Pejeh West Chiefdom, Kailahun District, Kabineh Fofanah, who until the March, 2018 national elections had served as the Secretary General of the then ruling All People’s Congress (APC) since 2010, was amongst the party operatives declared wanted  by a notorious group in the SLPP called Pa-o-Pa Group.

Until the political persecutions started after the pronouncement of the presidential runoff election results, Kabineh Fofanah reportedly played active role as party operative in the then ruling APC, such as the distribution of food and non-food items donated by the then APC Government to the Bunumbu community and even beyond.

He also reportedly campaigned resiliently for the APC in not only Bunumbu but also across the country, including Kenema, the capital Freetown, Makeni, Bo amongst other populated cities and towns.

Reports gathered from Bunumbu stated that immediately after the pronouncement of the presidential runoff results, the notorious Pa-O-Pa group of the winning SLPP went on the prowl and caused a lot of atrocities including destroying of lives and properties of APC supporters that were declared wanted.

The resident of Kabineh Fofanah was reportedly burnt by the notorious Pa-O-Pa group during broad-day light at 12:00p.m. on 11th July, 2018, almost three months after the presidential election results were announced, whilst his children – three boys and one girl – were in school and his wife on a business trip. Two other houses belonging to APC operatives were also burnt down on that day whilst most of them were in hiding, including Paramount Chief Keketorma Lahai, Lahai Momoh, Gbessay Mustapha and many others.

During the incident, members of the Pa-O-Pa group were reportedly heard by onlookers and concerned people making threatening remarks that the SLPP would teach the APC a bitter lesson they would never forget, whilst others were threatening “blood for blood” and “Tit for Tat” much to the chagrin of peaceful citizens.

SLPP supporters were also seen provoking APC supporters with the banging of pot covers, blowing of whistle and singing provocative and abusive songs.

Eyewitnesses also confirmed that on the day of the incident, hand bills of a couple of APC supporters like the PC Keketorma Lahai, Kabineh Fofanah, Lahai Momoh and Gbessay Mustapha amongst others were pasted everywhere in Bunumbu Town declaring them wanted dead or alive.

Being part of the most wanted people who were targeted immediately when the results were announced, Kabineh Fofanah reportedly had less time in Bunumbu as he had to escape from the township for dear life leaving his family behind.

A member of the Pa-O-Pa group based in Bunumbu told this press in an interview that they were targeting Kabineh Fofanah because during the almost eleven-year tenure of APC Government, he used to vehemently criticize youths who smoke marijuana or cannabis sativa.

Another exuberant member of the group said Kabineh Fofanah was their prime target in that as a practicing Muslim and medical practitioner, he used to publicly condemn masquerade dance and the use of unsterilized instruments for female circumcisions which cause he had claimed would cause HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other diseases.

A family member confided in this press that Kabineh Fofanah was on the run because the notorious Pa-O-Pa group is backed by the SLPP Government and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and would do anything with apparent impunity without any action by the Central Government or the SLP.

Meanwhile, at as press time, this press learnt that Kabineh Fofanah travelled to Abuja in the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 27th June, 2018 and later furthered his journey to Finland between 8th-9th July, 2018.

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