As NRA Warns… Business Debtors In Trouble

By Ayodele Deen Cole

The National Revenue Authority has issued a stern warning to all tax defaulting business entities in order for them to avoid a situation of tax confrontation with the authority.

The Authority made this call recently as it prepares to step up its aggressive tax collection exercise across the country this year.

Speaking to the press, the Commissioner for Domestic Tax Department at NRA, Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, said the Authority will be having a face to face meeting with most of these defaulting entities to find a solution to the problem, adding that they will soon start to freeze the account of any entity that fails to comply. He also went on the state that during their meeting with some of the defaulting institutions, most of them explained some of the reasons for the delay in payment, adding that a good number of them have promised to make immediate payment to the institution shortly.

Commissioner Kamara assured the public that the Authority  is well on track in meeting the set revenue target of 5.3 trillion Leones, as, according to him, they are set to use the iron-hand approach to collect all what is owed to the state.

Some of the measures the NRA will be taking include closure of business premises and freezing of the business account. He noted that the institution has done this in the past and they were able to raise a significant amount of revenue from those business entities.

Furthermore, Commissioner Kamara commended the Ministry of Finance for intervening and settling the tax confrontation issue between the NRA and the National Petroleum Company, Sierra Leone (NPSL). He noted NPSL owed the NRA a good sum of money which it was unable to pay and that, he said, sparked a small tussle between them. He continued that they were preparing to freeze the account of NPSL but that with the mediation of the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, the issue, he said, was laid to rest.