As New Fuel Station Unveiled… NP Flies High In Koinadugu


One of Sierra Leone’s typical indigenous companies, National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd.) on Saturday 16th March, 2019 officially opened its latest fuel station in Wara-Wara Yagala Chiefdom, Koinadugu district.

Present at the ceremony were Paramount Chief Gbawuru Mansaray III of Wara-Wara Yagala Chiefdom, Paramount Chief Marah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NP-SL Ltd, Michael Carrol, General Manager of NP, Kobi Walker, Bernard Sisay, Marketing Manager of NP, Head of the military in the district, Major Williams, Dr. Sheku Sesay, Director Alhaji Rahman (Board Member), LUC of Kabala Police Division, Lansana Koroma, the Petroleum Agency Director, Mr. Victor  Sawyer, the Kabala NP Dealer, Wurie Bah, Management and Staff of NP  including Mr. Aboko-Cole, the officer heading the Lubricant Department of NP, Mr. Gaima, the officer responsible for NP Gas, the press and residents of Kabala.

In his welcome address, PC Gbawuru Mansaray III expressed sincere gratitude to the company for establishing a new NP station in that part of the country, noting that the company would help alleviate the problem of NGOs, MDAs and ordinary people in accessing fuel. He praised the Management of the company for raising the bar high in the industry and expressed hope that more stations would be opened in the district.

The Paramount Chief however cautioned residents that fuel provided by NP must be strictly sold in the district and not to be smuggled to neighbouring Guinea, adding that residents must take ownership of the facility.

The NP General Manager, Kobi Walker, who spoke on behalf of the Management and staff of NP-SL Ltd, stressed that the fuel company is 100% owned by Sierra Leoneans. “Not a single share of the company is owned by any politician,” he further disclosed, adding that 35 Sierra Leonean workers sacrificed their severance packages and benefits to establish the company.

“What is being done in Koinadugu is as a result of the sacrifice which those 35 Sierra Leoneans made in 1996,” he reiterated, adding that today, NP has spread its wings to the Republics of Guinea, Ivory Coast, The Gambia and Liberia in the sub region.

“These materialized because of the sacrifice, vision and passion of those Sierra Leoneans,” he underscored with pride and admonished residents in the district to own the company as it is an indigenous one.

The General Manager pointed out that every single litre of fuel residents will purchase from NP-SL, they must realize that the money will stay in the country and be used to undertake other development projects, noting that on the other hand, foreign companies take the bulk of the money from their sales out of the country to build their own countries.

He also noted that the sacrifices of those 35 Sierra Leoneans paved the way for them to have jobs and admonished Sierra Leoneans to support the company to reach higher heights and provide the opportunity for generations yet unborn to benefit.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of NP-SL, Michael Carrol said the reason for choosing Koinadugu is because of good security and the culture of the people.  “The company is encouraged by the security of the district and we are looking forward for greater things to unfold,” he expressed optimism.

“This new station marks the 38th fuel station opened by the company within the country,” he revealed.

Further buttressing the statements of his bosses, the Marketing Manager of NP-SL, Bernard Sisay maintained that the latest investment is a demonstration of the company’s commitment and passion to serve the country. He thanked the Paramount Chief and the people of Koinadugu district for the warm welcome they received. “This latest station is NP’s new baby,” he euphemistically stated, assuring the audience that NP will do all in its power to ensure that there is no shortage of fuel in the district.

In his brief statement, the Local Unit Commander of the Kabala Police Division, Lansana Koroma assured residents and the company that as far as security is concerned, they are on top of situation. He expressed appreciation to residents in the chiefdom for their intermittent assistance to the police that has made it possible for the district to be safe. The police boss warned dealers and other stakeholders in the fuel industry to keep within the dictates of the law and avoid the smuggling of fuel to neighboring countries.

Other speakers praised NP for its intervention in the district for its investment.

The Dealer of the new NP Station, Mr. Wurie Bah gave the vote of thanks, whilst the ceremony was climaxed by cultural display and social interactions.