AS NCRA Shifts To Top Gear…. Ghost Workers In Trouble


The Director General of National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mohamed Mabashir Massaquoi has strongly warned civil and public servants against double registration.

According to the NCRA Boss, the Authority currently has over 1000 cases of multiple registrations from the 2017 voter and mass registration data presented to it. The nationwide biometric registration, verification and update of public and civil servants, he said, will bring expose workers who have been collecting salaries using different information to defraud the state.

“If you were collecting salaries under different names then let it be known that the biometric registration, verification and update system will expose you as it captures all your 10 finger prints,” said Mr. Massaquoi, adding that at the completion of the project, the Authority would give professional advice to government with records of all its findings and discoveries during the process.

On the issue of public and civil servants who would fail to participate in the process, the NCRC boss, said: “it would be deemed as a criminal offence to be a ghost-worker when you are alive.” Such discoveries, he said, would be forwarded to the Finance Ministry and the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) for appropriate actions.

After the rains, he said, the NCRA will also embark on the correction and cancellation of errors made in the 2017 voter and mass registration lists. The Authority, the Director General said, will display information of all registrants at the 3,300 registration centres across the country so that people would make the necessary corrections on their information for the issuance of the multiple Identification Cards.