AS NCRA Presents Le306B Budget… Multipurpose ID Cards Soon


The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) has  during the 2019 budget hearing at the Bank of Sie3rra Leone Complex in Kingtom, Freetown, presented three hundred and six billion Leones (Le 306bn) for the printing of the ECOWAS/ICAO compliance multipurpose Identification (ID) Cards.

The Principal Deputy Financial Secretary (PDFS) Mathew Dingie disclosed that the multi-purpose ID Cards will have to be paid for as they are meant for the benefit of the citizens.

The ID Card, the PDFS said, will have biometric and secured data that will be used for different purposes including travelling within the 16 ECOWAS member states, bank and financial transactions, among others.

The importance of the ID Cards, he continued, cannot be overemphasized, which, he said justifies why its printing must be paid for by the public.

Government, he added, cannot fund the printing of the ID Cards and, at the same time, give them out free-of-charge to citizens.

According to the Director General of NCRA, Mohamed M. Massaquoi, the said ID Cards would be ready in six months for distribution to the public.

NCRC, he said, collected data of the ID Cards in two phases; the first, he informed, was from the National Electoral Commission (NEC) that captured 3,128,966 people from the total population of 7,075,641 based on the December, 2015 Housing and Population Census (PHC) by Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats. SL); whilst the second phase was done by NCRA itself that targeted residents including people bellow the age of 18, foreigners and adults who failed to register during the past voter registration exercise and captured 2,085,315 people.