As NCRA Embarks On Nationwide Verification… War On Ghost Workers


By Thomas S. Kembay

Addressing media practioners at the Ministry of Information and Communications, Youyi Building, Brookfields, Freetown, yesterday, the Director General of National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mr. Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi updated them on a 14-day nationwide verification, registration and update of personal information for all public and civil servants in Sierra Leone that are on government payroll.

According to the Director, commencing next year, government will pay salaries of public and civil servants that truly exist and also provide services in their various areas of responsibilities.

The aim of the project, he disclosed, is to prevent government wastage through salary payment in the MDAs, adding that the exercise will commence on the 10th and would end on the 24th of September this year. D.G Massaquoi furthered that when the President Bio led administration took over governance in April 2018, it set a motion of running government on a platform of transparency and accountability. Underpinning this vision, he said, is the efficient management of state resources and driving accountability in the public sector. “It is in line with this that the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Human Resources Management Office have requested NCRA to undertake a nationwide biometric verification, registration and update data of public and civil servants who are on government payroll,” said Mr. Massaquoi.

The exercise, he further informed, intends to stop wastage, sanitise the government payroll and enhance transparency and accountability in the government payroll.

The exercise, he added, will focus on three things including verification of all government workers who were registered during the 2017 voter and mass civil registration to confirm their details, Registering government workers who for any reason did not register during the 2017 voter and civil registration and update of other information collected from government by the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO).

The registration, he said, would target all public and civil servants including parliamentarians, ministers, nurses, teachers, the police, army, prison officers, among others.

He therefore admonished all interviewees to demonstrate honesty during the process by providing accurate information that can be relied on for future reference.

All public and civil servants who will miss the 14 days verification, registration and update process, he said, must report to NCRA office in their District with tangible reasons for missing the exercise and that failure to meet the exercise will result to removal from government payroll with automatic dismissal from government service.