As NCCED Shifts To Top Gear… Civic Education Gains Momentum


The newly established National Council for Civic Education and Development (NCCED) has, last week completed consultations on its Strategic Plan in all the regions.

Speaking to The Exclusive at the weekend, the Chairman of NCCED, Kalilu Totange referred to the consultations as a multi-stakeholder process. “We believe from the onset that the people of Sierra Leone should own the process,” he said, adding that a draft strategic plan has been tabled in all the four corners of the country so that the people can have the opportunity to make their comments on what the Council should be doing.

“During the process, we partnered with the local people, traditional leaders, the civil society, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), students, among others,” he said, adding that the Council also held stakeholder consultations and focus group discussions with maginalised groups including women in farming, okada riders and female youths to comment on the strategic plan.

During the exercise, he further informed, the Council also held consultations on the 3rd National Action Plan of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in which, he said, they also discussed suggestions coming from the Strategic Committee of the OGP.

The OGP, the Chairman said,  is a platform made up of civil society  groups and MDAs coming together to suggest  how government can be more open, transparent and accountable and how citizens can be encouraged to participate  in the process of governance.

“On the whole, the process was well received and the people felt pleased that it was all inclusive,” Mr. Totange said.

Currently, the Council, he said, is focusing on the Western Area and that after which, a national validation session would be conducted in which all the recommendations from the consultations would also be discussed that will agree on a document that would serve as the Strategic Plan. “That will inform the people of our activities,” he said, adding, “that will serve as the Strategic Plan.”