As MP Blasts… Lands Ministry In Big Mess

By Ayodele Deen-Cole

Member of Parliament representing Constituency 109, Hon. Amadu Fofanah has blasted officials the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and Environment for not properly implementing most of the laws and policies dealing with land issues in the country.

He raised this concern recently during the just concluded Accountability Conference held at Miatta Conference Center.

Speaker during a session on Land and County Planning, the MP said that land dispute have become commonplace in many communities across Freetown in particularly and that if is not urgently addressed, it will lead to something ugly in future.

According to Hon. Amadu Fofanah, Parliament has ratified many laws on land and the environment but that the Ministry is yet to implement them as land issues remain unaddressed.

He made reference to a longstanding land dispute among members of his Constituency but that despite efforts by aggrieved parties to have the Ministry settle the dispute, it still remains unsolved. According to him, there is no Lands official ready to talk to them. Hon Amadu Fofanah called on the Ministry to take serious actions against officials who have failed to follow policies and laws on land ownership and usage.

According to the Chairperson of the occasion, Dr. Memunatu Pratt, the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Lands, Country Planning and the Environment must ensure that it takes the officials of MLCPE to task over the alarming rate of land related issues in the country and urged civil society organisations to join the parliamentary Oversight Committee to address the issue.

In his response a senior official at MLCPE, Dr. Cham said that before now there was no clear-cut policy and implementation on land acquisition in the country. He however disclosed that the MLCPE has already drafted a comprehensive policy that will soon be implemented upon endorsement.

He therefore urged all the parties responsible to come together so that they will be able to considerably reduce the high number of land cases nationwide.