As Moyamba Cries For Help… Paramount Chief To The Rescue


Paramount Chief of Nyiawa Lower Banta Chiefdom, Moyamba District, John Gibao Russel has, at the weekend, disclosed that his main aim of contesting the Paramount Chief, Member of Parliament is to redeem his people of deprivation.

According to PC Russel, if he succeeds in becoming the PCMP for Moyamba District the first position paper he would table before the legislative house for his district will have to do with road construction and maintenance, as according to him, the road network in that district is in a deplorable state.  He furthered that he would also address the issue of loyalties paid to landowners by the Sierra Rutile Ltd which he described as paltry. The issue of the company’s corporate social responsibility and that of respect for local authorities, he said, will also be addressed. The high rate of unemployment in that district, he furthered, is another challenge, alleging that companies operating in the district import workers instead of employing indigenes of the district, which by itself contravenes the local content policy.

“I am therefore aspiring for the PCMP to forward these concerns of my subjects to the legislative arm of government for attention so that they can also be part of the Agenda for Prosperity,” said PC Russel, while calling on his colleagues and subjects to support him win.