As Members Ordered To Return Home… APC Rubbishes GTT Report 


In a constitutional democracy that guarantees fundamental human rights, liberties and freedoms, no one is presumed guilty or not guilty until he/she has been tried before a competent court of law.

On this basis, the Secretary General of the All People’s Congress (APC), Alhaji Ambassador Foday Osman Yansaneh has said that with regards the Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report, APC is unfazed, undaunted and prepared to defend their ten years stewardship of the State.

Lamenting that without being subject to the due process of the law to determine guilt or innocence, a certain member of the transition team, he said, has openly declared on radio, “We will jail them all.” He deplores that giving a verdict on a matter before presenting the evidence and allowing the accused to go through trial is unfair and prejudicial.

Interviewed by BBC reporter, Umaru Fofana after the party’s press conference on their reaction to the GTT Report, whilst denying that he does not say the report in its entirety is false, the APC Secretary General insisted that the veracity of the allegations made against APC officials in the former government can only be determined by a competent court of law.

Ambassador Yansaneh insisted that the SLPP sponsored GTT Report smirks of victimization which, he said, poses a threat to the peace and stability of the State. He charged that SLPP in its calculated intent to throw calumny on APC has blatantly disrespected the fundamental principle of criminal justice.

However, the APC Secretary General stated that the party will cooperate fully with the investigation. He said that the party will ask all APC officials in the former government that have been accused to return home and defend themselves. Ex-President Koroma who is vacationing abroad in his initial reaction to the GTT Report which names him as one of the suspects in the matter had said he will after his well deserved vacation return home to defend his stewardship. He called the Report’s allegations of corruption by him and his government complete nonsense.

Meanwhile, in defending the former APC government, Ambassador Yansaneh outlined that the President Koroma led APC Government successfully completed the Agenda for Change and Prosperity during its ten years in power using prudent macroeconomic principles and guidelines that enabled the government to graduate to the IMF Extended Credit Facility (ECF) spanning 2010-2013.