As JFK Speaks Tough… APC Bails Out 8 Labour Officials


A delegation of All People’s Congress (APC) officials, including Secretary General, Alhaji Dr. Osman Yansaneh, National Publicity Secretary, Cornelius Deveaux and Deputy National Organizing Secretaries 1 and II Karamoh Kabba and Moijue Kaikai on Saturday, the 15th of December 2018 secured the release of eight Labor Congress officials from police detention.

The arrested Labor Congress officials included the Vice President, Mr. Williams, the newly elected President of the Sierra Leone Bike Riders Union and six others.   Police arrested them for alleged disorderly and riotous conduct.

After meeting with the Crime Officer at the Central Police station in Freetown, the APC Secretary General was able to meet all the requirements to stand as bail guarantor for the suspects. They were subsequently released.

Meanwhile, APC strongman, former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, John Fitzgerald Kamara aka JFK has raised his voice in protest at what he perceives as political intolerance by the ruling SLPP government.

Good men, he said, “must not be quiet but must stand up and raise their voices and speak and seek justice for our people in the face of tyranny and oppression.” This, he said, is what he has chosen to do.

In a strongly worded statement published on social media condemning what he calls an increased spate of unlawful arrests, intimidation and detention of ordinary citizens, the former APC 2018 presidential flagbearer aspirant stated: “we need to reject any politics that targets people because of party or regional affiliation.”

Outlining his grievances, JFK alleges that since April 2018 when the SLPP came to power, the country has been awakened to vengeful governance using state apparatus to suppress objective dissent and opposition to the current government of President Julius Maada Bio.

In the course of the last eight months, JFK maintains, “we have witnessed the killing and burning of homes in Tonko Limba, Kambia district, unlawful dismissals including that of the ACC head, the Ombudsman, to name few.”

JFK further alleges that the police have been used to intimidate, harass and detain any form of dissent to the ruling government. This, he says, smirks of absolutism and repression of dissent.

He further alleges that market chairmen/women have been unlawfully displaced that are suspected of not supporting the ruling government. Such arbitrariness and lawlessness, JFK warns, can be the recipe for chaos and undermining of law and order.

He appeals for the culture of ‘do me ar do you’ (tit for tat) to be done away with, as well as using the idea of the previous government did the same to repeat ills and wrongs of the past. He maintains that such behavior is not justifiable of the current government.

“The cycle of vengeful governance must end,” he appeals, adding, “the nation must move on together as one.”