As It Engages Companies On Condition Of Service… Fishermen Union Determined

By Thomas S. Kembay

A collective bargaining agreement for conditions of service for workers in the fishing sector has on Thursday, 20th June, 2019 commenced between the Fishermen Union and fishing companies at the Labour Congress Headquarters on Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown.

Speaking on the collective bargaining agreement, President of the Fishermen Union, Mohamed Kaloga Kamara explained that the agreement is aimed at addressing challenges facing workers in the fishing sector.

The agreement, he said, look at a well harmonised salary structure in line with the current economic status of the country; medical and leave allowance, training of new crew members, payment of union dues and the mode of recruitment, among others.

“Currently, we have companies paying higher salaries than others but with collective bargaining agreement, we would have a uniformed salary scale,” said the President, adding that companies would collaborate with the union on any change or decision that has to do with the welfare and interest of members.

The Secretary General of the union, James Mahoi argued that under the 1991 Constitution it is not compulsory for anyone to join an association or union but insisted that service fees will be charged on any worker’s salary who refuses to join the union but benefits from the collective bargaining agreement between the union and companies.