As Immigration Boss Speaks… War On Illegal Passport Holders


The new Chief Immigration Officer, Mr. Andrew Kaikai Jnr. has reported that all diplomats and government officials of the past All People’s Congress (APC), government that hold a diplomatic passports should surrender them to the consul of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, forthwith or face embarrassment.

Diplomatic Passports, he said, are normally issued to diplomats whilst Service Passports are issued to government officials working overseas, adding that those seeking to secure such passports should pass through the right channel. He said, the issuance of diplomatic passports is done through the directives of the President to the Foreign Affairs Ministry and subsequently, the Immigration Department.

The Immigration Boss said diplomatic passports have not been issued accordingly, adding that they are putting measures in place to ensure that they do not fall in wrong hands, as according to him, diplomatic passports have been issued to people who do not deserve it. “It is a crime to bear such passport without authorization,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Chief said plans are underway to go after anyone that is an illegal holder of the country’s diplomatic passport.