AS ICAO Splashes US$300,000… Big Boost For Lungi Airport


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, Moses Tiffa Bawoh has reportedly stated that the Authority has received a package of three hundred thousand United States Dollars from the International Civil Aviation Organisation to improve safety and security at the Lungi International Airport.

According to the DG, the country’s safety rating is below 20% in terms of international airport standards.

The project which, he said, would last for eighteen months is in two phases – phase one dealing with increasing safety rating at the Airport and the second phase focusing on certification of the Airport based on the performance of the phase I.

The ICAO, he said, is an International Civil Aviation Organisation that has been supporting to the Government of Sierra Leone, adding that the proposed project would yield economic benefit to the country as it will improve the tourism and agricultural sector.