As Hon. Sidi M. Tunis Calls For Calm… SLPP Supporters Disgruntled


Leader of Government Business in the House of Parliament, Hon. Sidi Mohamed Tunis has appealed to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) grassroots supporters to remain calm and patient.

The Member of Parliament made the appealed with a calming influence in recently addressing a crowd of disgruntled SLPP grassroots supporters at their party headquarters’ Unity Hall.

Hon. Sidi Tunis’s visit to address the frustrated grassroots supporters followed an earlier visit to the party headquarters by His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio during the celebration of his one year in power, to listen to complaints from the grassroots about how they felt disappointed and let down by the government they elected. The grassroots complained that the Members of Parliament, Ministers, Commissioners, Directors and other Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) elected by them and appointed by the President have turned their backs on them; not even bothering to come any more to the party headquarters. The grassroots further complained that they were not happy with the way and manner the party was treating them.

To appease the grassroots, Hon. Sidi Tunis, who made a donation of five motorbikes and car washing machines to the grassroots to help them become self-employed, told them they should not feel let down and neglected. He told them he understood their frustration after they had sacrificed and suffered for the party to come to power only to be left behind.

Hon. Tunis promised them that it was a start of a long journey together with the grassroots and that no more would anybody be left behind, adding that the donation was a sign of strengthened relationship between the party and the grassroots supporters.

Hon. Tunis also reminded them that it was their support that brought President Bio to power, that made him Leader in Parliament and made the Ministers what they are. He assured that because of their support, President Bio always thinks of them. “If we were sleeping,” he said, “I assure you we have woken up to work with the grassroots, to support those who supported this party to come to power,” Hon. Tunis assured the grassroots.

He disclosed that he has made a passionate appeal to other members of government to contribute to the welfare of the grassroots, adding that the government would do all in its power to make the ground wet for the grassroots. The donation, he said, was only a pilot project.

The MP concluded by reiterating that the grassroots must remain calm and patient with the party.

In her comment, one of the grassroots supporters, who asked for anonymity, averred that it is good that the party members in governance are now coming to talk to them. “Let them be coming frequently to talk to us,” she appealed.