As He Tours Border Posts… NRA Chief Determined


The newly appointed Commissioner General (CG) of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Dr. Samuel Gibao recently in engaged various stakeholders including importers, hirers, drivers and the security sector at the Gbalamuya Customs Post, Kambia District, Northern Province on the importance of honoring their tax obligations.

Addressing the gathering, the NRA boss stated that regardless of the fact that government is in dire need of revenue to undertake development programmes, it has not increased any tax as perceived or claimed by some sectors of the public

Speaking on Smuggling, he said, “there are two types of smuggling – technical and physical.” Technical smuggling, Dr. Gibao explained, is when NRA staff negotiate tax with traders or importers to cut down on the actual amount due government whilst physical smuggling is when traders or importers use illegal routes to evade tax.

“What obtained before now was that importers and traders were under taxed by tax collectors,”  said Dr. Gibao, noting further that under the former administration collectors  and traders negotiate tax on  percentage which goes into the pockets of individuals at the expense of the state. “This is what we have put an end to and we are now demanding that the actual tax be paid directly,” he maintained. Without businesses, Dr. Gibao said there will be no NRA, adding that the Authority is mindful of its actions regarding tax compliance to be in the interest of not only the Authority but traders.

The NRA boss furthered that since the new government took over power, it has not received a cent from any donor partner but has been running the state from domestic revenue for which he commended the traders for their tax compliance. He disclosed that the Authority has established a system that enables all taxpayers to know what they should pay for their goods, consignments or their general tax obligation in order to avoid the issue of foul play.

Tax negotiation, he said, is a crime adding, that anyone found in such an act will face the full force of the law. He therefore called on all the sectors to work in the interest of the country.

The NRA CG concluded that the Authority is in the process to establishing an external tariff rate that is applicable within the sub-region and assured them that President Bio’s ‘New Direction’ administration is a listening one that responds to the concerns of all in an appropriate manner and in the interest of the country.

Similar message was taken to other stakeholders in Bo, Southern Province and it is expected that in the coming weeks the young and dynamic NRA CG would have toured all customs posts in his effort to ginger up staff and admonish traders.