As He Clocks 1 Year In Office… Bio To Meet JOB, Others


Many concerned Sierra Leoneans who believe in the adage ‘charity begins at home’ have averred that if President Julius Maada Bio truly believes in the peace, unity and reconciliation he is preaching, then he should first and foremost start the process within his own party where all is not well.

According to sources close to the seat of power, President Julius Maada Bio will after his one year in office hold a meeting with some senior members of the party, including former Chairmen and Leaders, John Oponjo Benjamin (JOB) and Chief Shebora Somano Kapen III, Dr. John Aruna Karimu, Ing. Munda Rogers, former First Lady, Mrs. Isata Jabbie Kabbah, Dr.  Morie Manyeh, Joseph Samba Kelfala and others who have had ideological differences with him prior to the March, 2018 national elections

While the date and venue of the proposed SLPP peace, unity and reconciliation meeting are yet to be pronounced, President Bio on 1st March, 2018 magnanimously called all the country’s registered political parties to a friendly meeting at State House.

Sources say the idea of a family meeting to reconcile opposing forces within the SLPP was borne out of the National Chairman and Leader’s recent nationwide tour of all constituencies where he had the opportunity to listen to comments and recommendations from the different Constituency, District and Regional Executives.

Many of the party members and executives expressed to the National Chairman and Leader that since the end of the March national elections, they fell marginalized and left out. Chairman Dr. Prince Harding promised to write a report reflective of their concerns and forward it to the National Executive Council (NEC) and the President for action.

At the grassroots level, many SLPP members and supporters are grumbling that their hopes of securing jobs to improve on the livelihood and social status have faded away, thereby leaving them disillusioned, despondent and suspicious.

It is against the backdrop of addressing the aforesaid and other concerns that President Bio, according to sources, has decided to meet with party elders and the membership in the not-too-distant future.