As He Asks Them To Join him… Bio Shakes USA


His Excellency Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio as part of his historic visit to the United States of America to attend the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly met in a town hall meeting in Washington DC with a multitude of his compatriots that were eager to meet with their country’s new Head of State. He thanked them for the hospitality that they accorded him as their country man and leader.

Kind of patting himself on the back for his tenacity and ability to endure, President Bio addressing his countrymen and women jokingly told them that the enduring figure who people said will never come back to State House is back at State House. The statement was received with laughter by his audience.

He went further to state that his critics and enemies had said that he would never come to the United States, adding that he wanted to come back to the States with a siren. The statement was received with applause. “I was not in a haste to come back here (USA), I didn’t want to come back here as an ordinary man.”

Now visiting the United States, President Bio further joked that some people said that even if he comes to US, he will not be allowed to go to Washington DC. To add flavor to the joke, he said that some people have said that when he dies he will not go to heaven but he assured them that they will find him in heaven.

After the light-hearted banter, President Bio with serious demeanor said to his compatriots that the meeting with them was an opportunity for all Sierra Leoneans to put aside their differences and join him on the ‘New Direction’ train. “We have an opportunity to come together and fix our country,” he appealed to his countrymen and women.

The time for politics, he said, is over. “We must now all come together to make Sierra Leone a place that we can be proud of,” he added. He spoke of Sierra Leone being richly endowed with a lot of mineral resources but noted that the greatest resource the country has is the people.

In making the envisioned new Sierra Leone that he foresees, President Bio said he will provide effective leadership to ensure proper management of the resources for the benefit of the people.

President Bio thanked his people for supporting him in his bid for the presidency. “Today, I am President of the Republic of Sierra Leone; thanks to all Sierra Leoneans,” he said.

“What you have to do now is join us in the ‘New Direction’,” he appealed. The New Direction, he furthered, “is for all of us.” The ‘New Direction’ he said will take us to a destination that we can be proud of. “It is a new way of doing things,” he explained, noting that as the leader, he has the gift of hindsight, having occupied State House before. He explained to his audience why he gave up State House in 1996 to pave the way for the country’s return to democratic civilian rule.