As Gov’t Projects 1800 MW Electricity By 2030… Big Boos For Energy Ministry


Handing over 60 acres of land to the Seli Hydro Power Limited for the construction of Bumbuna Phase II in Dian Chiefdom in the Kionadugu Chiefdom, The Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay disclosed that government is working round the clock to make sure that by 2030 the country secures 1800Megawatts for electricity supply.

The Minister also disclosed that after the completion of Bumbuna Phase II there will be 143Megawatts of electricity. He went on state that the normal capacity of Bumbuna Phase I is 45Megawatts but dropped down to 4 or 5Megawatts during the dry season.

“With the new technology that would be introduced in Bumbuna Phase II, it actual capacity will be 143Megawatts but will have what we refer to as firm capacity that will amount to 80Megawatts both in rainy and dry seasons,” said the Minister, noting further that with the constant 80Megawatts electricity there will be an uninterrupted electricity supply throughout the year.

The present electricity generation, he said, is below 100Megawatts and that all other electricity projects including West Africa Power Pool, CLSG are meant for additional power supply.

Executive Chairman of Seli Hydro Power Ltd, Patrick Olufemi Beckley explained that the USD 800MW project for the construction of Bumbuna Phase II will be completed by 2023.

The 60 acres of land, he said, are of two set with site 1 being for the construction of Bumbuna Phase II while site II is meant for the relocation of affected property owners.

The Bumbuna Phase II construction, he said, will commence in March 2019.