As Government Vows To End Water Crisis…

LE3B Pumped

By Ayodele Deen Cole
The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Cornelius Deveaux has recently at the usual government press briefing at Youyi Building revealed that the government has approved three billion Leones to implement an emergency plan to salvage the current water crisis in the capital city.
According to the Deputy Minister, the government is presently instituting short-term remedial, as well as long-term plans in a bid to find a lasting solution to the much trumpeted water crisis. He continued that as a government, relevant stakeholders in the water sector have been engaged to chart the way forward in order to have a durable solution to the water crisis, which he added, is a perennial problem during the dry season. Deputy Minister Deveaux furthered that protecting the water catchment areas in Freetown is obvious given a good number of people have encroached into these areas; pointing out that plans are afoot to demolish the illegal structures around the water catchment areas. In order to implement this strategy, the government, he said, has identified water sources around Freetown, pointing at the River Rokel, which he said, will be a major source. The new Deputy Minister added that Water Treatment Plant will be erected for the distribution of water to deprived communities through pipes and other available means. Furthermore, the Deputy Minister was appreciative of the fact that the British Government through DFID has provided 38 million Pound Starling (£38M) to overhaul the existing facilities of Guma to meet the growing demands of city dwellers. He also said that Guma cannot meet the current demand for water because the current population outweighs its supply capacity. Minister Deveaux also encouraged people in inaccessible areas to purify water they come in contact with in order to avoid waterborne diseases, while revealing plans underway for the distribution of water to deprived communities.