AS Government Puts Modalities In Place… Kenema-Zimmi Highway To Be Constructed


By Ayodele Deen-+Cole

The Chairman of Kenema District Council, Mohamed Sesay has disclosed recently that the road construction work between Kenema city and Zimmi will commence in October.

Making the disclosure at the official presentation of cash transfer to ninety households that were destroyed by the wind storm at Gorahun, Chairman Mohamed Sesay announced that the road construction work would be undertaken by some local and foreign workers. He therefore urged the people to receive the workers with all their hearts and create a friendly environment for them.

The District Chairman furthered that when the road construction work commences, the people must direct cases of any misunderstanding to the appropriate authorities.

In another development, Chairman Sesay disclosed to the people that another project from Ivory Coast, Liberia and Guinea would start soon when surveyors would visit the country to assess the areas to determine those who would be affected by the work.

He further disclosed that about ten thousand people would be affected by the work, adding that all those who would be affected should contact his office directly.