As Defense And Prosecution End Locus Visit… Drama @ State House

By Mariama Hamadi

The Defense and Prosecution teams in the ongoing treason trial involving Rtd. Maj. Palo Conteh and two others, yesterday concluded a Locus Visit to State House where it was alleged that the 1st Defendant, Rtd. Maj. Palo Conteh bypassed the metal scanner with a pistol on his way to meet with the President.

The idea of the Locus visitation to the crime scene became an interest to the Defense team just after the second and third prosecution witnesses, Police Constable Kemoh Vakie and woman Sergeant Kposowa made heavy weather about the bypass incident during their examination in chief.

During the testimony of the two witnesses, the Defense found it very difficult to believe that the 1st Defendant did bypass the scanning machine and the metal detector with such heavy security at State House, as alleged.

The visitation was also to ascertain as to whether there was no close circuit camera at State House at the time the 1st Defendant went there to attend the said meeting.

The Defence made the application before the court on the grounds that they want the jury to get clear glimpse of the crime scene and at the end, arrive at a fair conclusion at their verdict.

During the visit yesterday, questions were put to witnesses that were on the ground when the alleged incident took place.

The matter was adjourned to Friday 26th June for the Judge’s address as the trial continues.