As China Assures… US$30M For Mamamah Airport


By Thomas S. Kembay

For the successful implementation of the new Freetown International Airport project at Mamamah, the Chinese government through its Sierra Leone Embassy has agreed to provide a concessional loan and a thirty million United State Dollars (US$30m) grant and also provide a grant to subsidize the interest rate on the project.

Disclosing the big boost during the launching of on Thursday, 1st March, 2018 at the project site, the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, His Excellency Wu Peng stated that considering the potential external debt issue Sierra Leone may face, the Chinese government has made special arrangement for the said project.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Ambassador Wu Peng said is currently working on the official agreement and that will be signed soon.

“China is ready to work closely with Sierra Leone to explore the potential of the airport drive, economic growth, create more jobs and to raise cash revenue for Sierra Leone through the project and the new city and economic zone development,” said His Excellency, Ambassador Wu Peng.

The ceremony, he said, was not only of an launching the airport project but also about launching a transformation economic and social development which include, investment, tourism, among others.

“In other words, what we are witnessing today is a creating of a new source and center of rapid economic growth in Sierra Leone,” he said adding that since China and Sierra Leone established diplomatic relations some 47 years ago, both countries had always devoted themselves to a win-win development agenda.

The bilateral relationship between the two countries, he said, has been strengthened to the highest level of strategic partnership and comprehensive cooperation. The project, he therefore said, will be a significant milestone in the China – Sierra Leone Friendship and a significant outcome of both countries mutual political trust and economic cooperation.