As C4C Stages Peaceful Protest… Kono City Council On Fire


Members and supporters of the Coalition for Change (C4C) party last Thursday reportedly staged a peaceful protest in the party’s stronghold of Kono.

According to reports from Kono, the protest was a demonstration of the party’s resistance against an alleged imposition of a certain Chairlady for the Ghense Market in Koidu Town.

The report added that members and supporters of the C4C are of the view that the Gbense Market is under the political jurisdiction of the Kono District Council that was won by the C4C party in the March, 2018 Local Council election.

“We will not accept the imposition of any Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) stooge as Chairlady in a market that is under our purview,” the C4C protestors chanted in chorus, stating further that the Kono District Council under the 2004 Local Government Act is mandated to elect heads of markets in the district.

The market, they said, is not run by the central government but by the Council which makes the decision of the appointing and electing of heads of markets in Kono the sole responsibility of C4C and not SLPP. Prior to the said protest, report intimates that the leadership of C4C held a meeting to discuss the said issue.

One of the resolutions reached at the meeting suggested that the youth members and supporters of the party should converge and stage a peaceful protest at the Kono District Council office to demonstrate the party’s dissatisfaction.