As APC Set To Change Leadership… Ernest, Others To Step Down


Still indisputably the most popular living All People’s Congress (APC) stalwart, erstwhile President Ernest Bai Koroma, who is the National Chairman and Leader of the party, has declared that it is about time he handed over the party leadership to another generation.

The APC National Chairman and Leader, who gave the notice of his pending exit at the party’s Peace outing held at Bureh Beach last Saturday, said as a former Head of State, it is only but proper that he relinquishes his position.

With his usual humor, former President Koroma, who said he felt proud of his ten years of service to the nation and the development feats that his government achieved, jokingly asked the audience if they were tired of seeing his face, to which they replied resoundingly: “No!!!No!!!No!!!

In making the transition to a new leadership, the APC National Chairman and Leader said when the time comes, the party will go into convention where everybody will participate democratically in electing their political leaders.

The road leading to the coming change of leadership, he said, is ongoing with the setting up of a Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) whose review will make the party’s internal politics more democratic and reflective of the wishes of the people, he said, will give everybody equal rights and participation in decision making.

Importantly, Ernest said, the review process should bring about a party that is united, functional and able to take care of itself.

In arriving at the vision of a rebranded APC, Ernest said giving up something for peace to reign in the party is more important than saying I am going to stand up and fight for my right.

Thus, he called on everybody who has an issue to use the party channels to have them addressed, noting that everybody is equal in the party.

In that light, the revised constitution that will emerge, he said, will be endorsed by everyone before it becomes lawful.

Ernest furthered that for the limited time he would be serving as leader of APC, he would ensure that there is internal peace and that the party stays together because peace in APC is peace in the country which is very important, he said.

Ernest repeatedly appealed for peace to reign in the party. Do we all agree to make peace, he asked, to which the reply was a loud “Peace o peace!!! We want peace!!!”

To symbolize it, Ernest called on everybody to shake hands with the person next to him or her.

Only peace, he said, will make the party succeed. He finished his sermon with the crowd singing the APC victory song.