As ACC Commemorates World Corruption Day… War On Corruption Intensified


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Kenyan anti-corruption crusader, Professor Patrick Lumumba on Saturday, 8th December, 2018 delivered a public lecture on the topic “Retracing the Anthem of Africa” at the Adjai Crowder Amphitheatre on Fourah Bay College (FBC) campus, Mount Aureole in Freetown.

In his public lecture, the Professor of Law averred that corruption is a cankerworm in the human skin that is difficult to cure, adding that government officials are failing in their responsibilities due to what he referred to as “self,” as according to him, as soon as public officials in Africa gain power, they only think of themselves and forget about the masses who voted for them in office.

He described corruption as cancerous and entreated Sierra Leoneans to come together and fight it head on, adding that corruption is like a curse to Africans.

Prof. Lumumba referred to corruption as theft which, he said, has the capability of diminishing the wealth of a nation. African, he added has seen regimes after regimes but that the public officials have misused their offices by making themselves rich rather than the states.

Prof. Lumumba called on the general populace to take an oath in a bid to improve the squalled conditions of service in Sierra Leone, saying that if corruption is tackled prudently Sierra Leone will be a different country in the next 30 years.

He intimated that greatness is not planted on trees and that the people must fight corruption in the little ways they can in order for their nation to be great, adding “it can be done if and unless we plan our hearts and minds to beat this deadly disease.”

He made mention of China which, he said, thirty years ago was nowhere but with devoted hearts, hardworking citizens and determination they are one of the weathers economically strong nations in the world.
In his statement, the ACC boss, Frances Ben Kaifala said, “Sierra Leone is the truth of the world,” adding that with unity and cohesiveness corruption will be defeated.

Corruption, the Commissioner added had hindered the progress of the country since days gone by and therefore urged the general public to join in the fight for the sake of posterity.

On his part, the Deputy Commissioner of the ACC, Shollay Davies who chaired the ceremony said the Anti Corruption day is commemorated all over the world with wide range of activities all aimed at raising awareness on how to tackle the menace.