As ACC Calls For Extradition… 2 Troubles For Kholifa


Two troubles have befallen, the former Sierra Leone Chief Immigration Officer, Alpha Kholifa Koroma who escaped arrest by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and fled to safety in Britain.

Last week, unfortunately for him, he met his waterloo when he was arrested by INTERPOL in London for alleged money laundering and possession of unexplained wealth. According to reports, he was released on bail and is to appear in a British court in three weeks’ time.

Before he went underground, Kholifa Koroma was declared wanted in August by the ACCfor failing to turn up to answer to query by the Commission for the alleged unauthorized issuance of the country’s diplomatic and service passports to undeserving people.

ACC says it has been informed by British authorities about the arrest of Kholifa Koroma in London. It furthered that contact has been established with the British Government through INTERPOL to facilitate the extradition of Kholifa Koroma to face charges in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, it has been asked that, if Kholifa Koroma carries a British passport, whether the British government would allow its citizen to be extradited to Sierra Leone to face trial?

Another question on the lips of members of the public is, whether Kholifa Koroma should, the British Government agrees to extradite him, will first answer to charges in the British court for the alleged money laundering and possession of unexplained wealth?

Extradition has been the subject of a bitter row between Turkey and the United States which accused a leading Muslim cleric residing in the United States of being a mastermind of last year’s failed coup. The Turkish government has repeatedly called on the US authorities to extradite him to face charges which the US authorities have refused to honor.

On the other hand, it could be recalled that Sierra Leone drug baron was extradited by the Government of Sierra Leone at the request of the United States government to face drug trafficking charges. He is currently serving term in a US jail.