As 4 Ruling Houses Raise Concerns… NEC In Alleged Bribery Scam


By Ayodele Deen Cole

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has issued out proposed Paramount Chieftaincy elections dates timetable for Chiefdoms across the Country including Nongowa Chiefdom which has reportedly gone for over a year without a substantive Paramount Chief.

The Tribal Authorities’ (TAs’) list has also been recently issued out for review. Meanwhile, four ruling houses in Nongowa Chiefdom have reportedly met with Provincial Secretary (PS), East, Mr. Mohamed Sheik Kargbo and the Senior District Officer (SDO) in Kenema District during which they raised concerns over alleged election malpractices, including bloated names in the government gazette, names of certain villages omitted. The List, according to the 2009 Chieftaincy Act, states the TAs’ list must be published three times and according to the aspiring candidates, the list has been published only once and that should the 29th of January, 2019 stand as the declaration date, it means the TAs’ list will not be published according to the Chieftaincy Act, which, they insist, is a violation of the Act.

The candidates also accused the National Electoral Commission (NEC) of being bought over by a certain individual which is why, they alleged, the NEC is rushing with the Nongowa chieftaincy lection. They told the PS East and the SDO that they have unanimously decided to protest against the process adding that they have also decided to meet President Bio and forward their concerns.

Responding to their concerns, the PS East immediately called NEC Staff and explained to them concerns raised but to the surprise of the PS East, NEC office in Kenema told him through a mobile phone conversation that they have reviewed the list and it has been taken to Freetown. The PS East asked why he was not first informed about such development as the Returning Officer who is supposed to take part in the revision of the list. He therefore, told the aspirants that the head office was yet to update him on any scheduled election in the Eastern Region and that dates circulating in the social media are not confirmed ones and advised the public not to go by it.  He assured them of informing the Minister of Local Government and that he would update the SDO for onwards communication to them.

The meeting ended peacefully.