As 2,800 Acres Of State Land Reclaimed… Minister Spits Fire


By Thomas S. Kembay

Delivering a speech at a two-day land use planning conference for Western Area Penisula at the Hill Valley Hotel, last Thursday, 21at February, the Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Dr. Dennis Sandy has disclosed that anyone who stands in his way in his line of duty, will be crushed.

According to the Minister, since he took up office in May 2018 as the political head of the Ministry of Lands, 2,800 acres of State Lands have been reclaimed in the Western Area from Land grabbers.

This, he said, was to indicate the ministry’s readiness to deliver to the people of Sierra Leone. His Ministry, he also disclosed, intends to change the land administration policy in the country.

Minister Sandy continued that he had always fought with land grabbers in order to sanitise the system and vowed never to compromise with them.

He accused chiefs, headmen and councilors of trying to usurp the powers of his ministry over the sales of state lands.

“Fake land deals are always done in connivance with unscrupulous lawyers used by councilors, chiefs and headmen to prepare fictitious documents as if state lands belong to them,” fumed the Minister, but vowed that he would not allow anyone to stand in his way in his effort to reclaim state lands.

Demolition of unauthorized structures along the Green Belt between Regent and Grafton, he said, will soon commence.