As 12 Fishing Vessels Pull Out… Fish Scarcity To Hit Salone


By Thomas S. Kembay

President of Sierra Leone Fishermen Union, (SLFU), Mohamed Kaloga Kamara has disclosed that over 15 fishing vessels have left the country’s territorial waters for neighbouring countries because of astronomical increase in renewal fees for fishing licenses from US$110,000 to US$560,000.

Speaking to The Exclusive whilst dissociating himself from any planned demonstration or protest by some members of the Union executive, Mr.  Kamara said that the Union has grown above protests and demonstrations.

“The increase in the renewal fees has multiple effects ranging from shortage of fish in our local market, increase in unemployment to increase in illegal fishing but the best way to handle it is through dialogue with government and parties involved and not by demonstrating,” said Mr. Koroma.

The country, he said, is expected to be affected by the shortage of fish due to the pulling out of the said vessels to other countries.

“These are the issues we should bring to the attention of government,” he said, noting that dialogue is the best way in solving problems that bother on national development.