Armed Robbery! -Ex-Soja Arrested

By Ayodele Deen-Cole

Police officers attached to the Criminal Investigative Department in Kambia District have arrested two notorious armed robbers who have been a threat to the peace and security in Kambia.

One of the arrested armed robbers was discovered to be an ex-lieutenant of the Republic of Sierra Leone armed Forces (RSLAF) called Jalloh, who was reportedly sacked during the Ebola outbreak for taking bribe and allowing vehicles to pass after the cutoff time.

According to one Abu Bakarr Nabie from Kambia the armed robbers were arrested following a tip-off from one of the occupants of the room where the culprit lived. He continued that the criminals were arrested with several harmful items after a thorough search in the various rooms around the premises. Among the items found by the SLP, were a gun, knife, scissors and bullets. The community members further went on to testify that these criminals have been carrying out illegal activities in that area for long with no one able to identify them. They however ran out of luck when one of their accomplices betrayed them.

According to information from the Kambia police station the ex-RSLAF officer, decided to re-locate to the district where he formed a gang together with another friend called Sulaiman who started terrorizing and robbing innocent people at night. The two arrested have been detained, while Sulaiman is on the run.

Meanwhile, residents of Kambia have commended the SLP for the arrest. According to one Ibrahim Kamara who works at one of the local banks, there have been frequent attacks on innocent people in that community in recent times. He urged the SLP to be more proactive especially during this rainy season in peace.