By Ayodele Deen-Cole

A cross section of Members of the All Political Parties Association (APPA) have condemned the action of the political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) over the organizing of a two-day intra-party dialogue and capacity building workshop for political parties.

According to the Acting Chairperson of APPA, Madam Femi Claudius Cole, the action of the PPRC to bypass an earlier decision taken by twelve of the seventeen political parties was aimed at undermining the leadership of political parties as well as fanning the embers of intra-party divisions, disunity and discord. She furthered that such action is due to the absent of a sitting Commissioner at the PPRC.

According to APPA, they had earlier advised the PPRC to postpone the workshop because, APPA in partnership with the Ministry of Political and Public Affairs and the National Commission for Democracy was planning to organize an inaugural political dialogue forum on the theme – ‘the future of democratic government in Sierra Leone.’ They also noted that the leadership of the political parties that signed the APPA correspondence was not consulted at any stage during the concept on and design of the training programme.

APPA also noted that despite all efforts from their side to postpone the event, PPRC decided to contact selected members of most political parties without informing the leadership of those parties.

The PPRC is yet to respond to APPA’s concerns as the latter is also urging President Julius Maada Bio to appoint a new Commissioner at PPRC in order to bring sanity in the association.