APC Vs SLPP… Fire For Fire


Very obvious is that the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP)  and the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) do not see eye to eye, and at the slightest provocation cannot resist going for each other’s jugular vein.

Four months after the momentous 2018 presidential elections that saw a change of power from the hands of APC to SLPP, the scathing war of words between different personaliuties and functionaries of the two parties continues unabated.

In the latest “fire for fire” confrontation, between two well known gladiators of the two parties, the APC Secretary General and his SLPP counterpart have locked horns in bitter combat with the SLPP Secretary General calling for the police to investigate his APC counterpart.

The cause of the latest palaver between the two political parties stems from a letter that the APC’s Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh wrote to the  Inspector General of Police dated 4th August, 2018 copied to stakeholderrs including ONS, UNDP, foreign diplomats, the media and the other political parties.

In it, Ambassador Yansaneh drew the IG’s attention to allegation of the SLPP National Publicity Secrerary continuing to make offensive statements about the APC Chairman and Leader, ex-President Koroma.

That letter which called on the IG to enforce the law, the APC Secretary General deplores that in April, after the elections,  the SLPP National Publicity Secretary who isd also Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, lahai Lawrence Leema, alleged that ex-President Koroma had met with some senior military officials in Makeni; with the insinuation that he was planning a coup.

Furthermore, Ambassador Yansaneh informs the IG that recently, on his facebook page, Mr. Leema posted that ex-President Koroma was coming from Guinea with a convoy of 50 vehicles loaded with armed mercenaries.

Amb. Yansaneh referred to Mr. Leema’s action as mischievious and a calculated ploy to bring the name of the former President into disrepute and therefore called on the police IG to investigate Mr. Leema’s statement in the light of the embarrassment that it has caused the APC, amidst the said secret killings of APC people and harrassment of citizens by SLPP vigilantes.

That particular statement offended the SLPP Secretary General who fired  a reply directly to the APC Secrertary General dated 10th August 2018.

Paragraph 6 of the APC Secrtary General’s letter to the IG which spoke about secret killings of APC people and harassment of various citizens by SLPP vigilantes, he said, must be seriously investigated by the police.

Napoleon B. Koroma Esq.; also took offense at what he called Ambassador Yansaneh’ scathing attacks on Mr. Leema for which, he said, Mr. Leema has consulted his lawyer. Meanwhile, he has admonished Ambassador Yansaneh to refrain from making unsubstatiated claims against Mr. Leema.