APC To Take NEC To Court


An aggrieved All People’s Congress (APC) party which believes it was robbed out of victory in the Local Council Bye-Election that was conducted on Saturday, 29th September, 2018 in Ward 196 in Thonko Limba Chiefdom in Kambia District in the Kambia district has said they will sue the National Elections Commission (NEC) in a court of law. The statement is contained in a public notice issued after the election.

Allegedly, a quarrel erupted between APC and SLPP supporters at a polling station in a school in Masunthu Town. Ballot boxes were reportedly destroyed; the situation turned ugly; violence erupted; NEC officials called off the voting and the police intervened to restore calm. Reportedly, a 14-year old boy was shot to death.

APC in the public notice denounced the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) for what they called heavy-handedness and NEC for alleged violation of the 2012 Election Act and the 1991 Constitution.

They stated that they categorically condemn all forms of violence, intimidation and police heavy-handedness against unarmed civilians in the election that led to the alleged shooting and killing of a 14-year old boy; shooting and wounding of an unarmed woman and burning and looting of at least one house in Masunthu Town.

APC decried that they are in total disagreement with NEC to cancel the said election and will challenge NEC in a court of law.

APC maintained that there is no part of the 1991 Constitution or the 2012 Elections Act that gives NEC the prerogative to cancel an election. APC agree that NEC can cancel polls in a polling station or stations but not the entire election; particularly when, according to them, the polls in the polling station where violence erupted and the election called off does not influence the outcome of the entire election.

As such, APC declared in their public notice that their candidate, Alusine Kamara, won the election and that they are informing stakeholders, including the international community.

In seeking redress, the APC leadership said they will seek to engage President Bio to discuss the blatant disregard of the 1991 Constitution and the 2012 Election Act by NEC.