APC To Choose Flagbearer 2021


Thomas S. Kembay

Bitter, tormented, aggrieved and itching for the rematch in 2023 against their arch political rival, the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, it is certain that the main opposition All Peoples Congress will not sleep peacefully until they return to State House.

Slowly dragging them-selves out of the trauma of their shock defeat in the March 2018 presidential elections to SLPP, the APC leadership seem to have mustered enough courage to face the reality that they are in opposition for the next five years. And being the warriors that they are, they are now finished healing their wounds and have started the process of consolidating and preparing for the 2023 elections.

Secretary General Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh said the party is in the process of taking corrective actions. The process started with the setting up of a 9-Man fact finding committee with the mandate to investigate the circumstances leading to the party losing the presidential election, in spite of it wining the majority of parliamentary and local council seats in the 2018 general elections.

Secretary General Yansaneh said the recommendations of the committee, like a commission of inquiry, center on the mistakes that were made, which he said were both internal and external. Based on the findings of the committee, the party he furthered is now looking to constructively repositioning itself for the 2023 elections.

One of the recommendations is that the party’s presidential flag bearer should be elected 24 months before the 2023 elections; and that the election of the person will not be left solely in the hands of the chairman and leader, as happened for 2018.

This, Secretary General Yansaneh said, will give the party enough time to market the elected candidate at home and in the Diaspora. However, he noted that in choosing the party’s 2018 flag bearer, the chairman and leader acted within the remit of the 1995 constitution.

Ambassador Yansaneh disclosed that APC is working towards reviewing some clauses in the 1995 Constitution. In line with democratic tenets that will stand the test of time. For those who are calling for the review, he said a constitutional review committee would be set up by the party that will provide members with the opportunity to come up with recommendations.

He also stated that the party held its last national delegates conference in 1917, with the next one due in 2021. It is at that convention that a new national leadership will be elected. Along that line, he said the 9-Man committee recommended criteria for choosing the different category of party officials.

Meanwhile, he said the committee’s report has been presented to NAC which has set up a sub-committee to look into the report and that NAC in a few days time will deliver its White Paper.