APC Strongman Spits Fire


The inferno that has been ignited by the National Reformation Movement (NRM) inside the All People’s Congress (APC) cannot be easily extinguished and some prominent members of the party that also eagerly seek change join to fan the flames. Latest personality to openly identify with the cause of NRM calling for reform and change in the APC is USA based Lawyer Kalokoh, one of the 28 APC members that bid to become the party’s 2018 presidential flagbearer.

Declaring his support for NRM and joining the clarion call for change, Lawyer Kalokoh in an audio message to peace-loving and progressive APC members and supporters and fellow Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad damned anybody that would dare to defy the call for reformation of the party. Speaking coolly and calmly, with the enormous rage in his voice barely disguised, Lawyer Kalokoh charges that the current APC leadership is self-seeking, self-serving; unpatriotic and not, to put it mildly, fit to lead the party in the 21st century.

In his diatribe against the current APC leadership titled: ‘The Movement and Establishment in the APC…Unique Opportunity for Change’, Lawyer Kalokoh accuses them of being narrow-minded, prejudicial and resistant to change. He warns them that if they remain resistant to change, the will be swept away by the raging wind of change that is blowing.

“Change is inevitable,” Lawyer Kalokoh insisted; adding that NRM must be acknowledged and thanked by the party. He states that those who are calling NRM idlers and drunkards are enemies of progress. Maintaining further that the NRM are courageous soldiers that the party must be proud of instead of being ridiculed and written off as trouble or mischief makers and traitors. If anything, he believes that it is the party’s present leadership that has woefully failed; and instead of giving way, continues to cling hungrily to power.

The current APC, he said, is in a state of decay; “it has to transit itself from its outdated 20th century political mindset,” he said. Quoting the late Dr. Patrice Lumbumba, Lawyer Kalokoh intimates: “the old cannot hope to win an ideological struggle with the young.” He therefore called on the old guards and what he called their hypnotized followers who he said have a dogged mindset that is resistant to change and progress to modify their intransigence and see reason to make way for change.

“Reforms are necessary” he insists, adding: “sincerity and transparency must replace arrogance or else APC risks being relegated to a social club that benefits only a few people.” The current leadership, he furthered, has not the balls to challenge the excesses of President Bio and his government because, according to him, he has strangulated them with the proposed Commission of Inquiry. As such, he said, they cannot speak because they fear reprisals. If APC is not able to function as an effective opposition then, to him, there is no way the party can build a base for winning the 2023 national elections.

The 9-Man Committee that was set up by the current executive to look into the causes of the party’s defeat in  the past presidential run-off election, he said, was only a smokescreen to divert the people’s attention until the frustration and disappointment of the loss dissipates in the minds of the people. Its formation, he said, was never any serious endeavor but just another disingenuous means of hoodwinking the people. He lambasted the APC national executive for what he referred to as “dishonesty, lack of good faith, insincerity and disrespect of the rank and file of the party by not consulting with them and seeking consensus.”

Lawyer Kalokoh further lamented that since the party lost the 2018 elections, those who had benefited from it no longer fund the party; to the extent that the party mouthpiece, We Yone, he said, is no longer published. As such, he called on the party to help its leadership see reason and understand that overstaying and continuing to cling to power and being resistant to reform and change is an exercise in futility; warning that if they do not budge now they can expect the end of the battle to be unsavory for them. “Peaceful retirement or eviction is the two options that they have,” he said.

“We must fight against the monopoly type of leadership,” Lawyer Kalokoh said, adding, “we must insist on accountability and change.” He ended by praying to God Almighty to help Sierra Leone and for the people of this country to be kind and helpful to one another.