APC, SLPP On Election Results


With run-off now eminent, the two leading political parties represented by the National Chairman and Leader, Dr. Prince Alex Harding of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the Publicity Secretary of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC), Cornelius Deveaux have both expressed optimism of winning either at first ballot or the expected run-off.

According to the SLPP National Chairman and Leader, based on scientific proof, they (SLPP) have won the presidential election and that there would be no run-off.

In his breakdown, Dr. Harding explained that their main contender the APC has drastically dropped by losing parliamentary seats in areas like 6 in Kono, 3 in Kambia, 6 in Western Area, 1 each in Koinadugu and Kailahun, which, he said, the APC won in 2012 and 1 in the new district of Falaba.

“These were seats the won in the last parliamentary elections and now they have lost them all to opponents,” said Dr. Prince Harding, adding that it is an indication that the SLPP has won the March 7 presidential polls.

Dr. Harding further explained that on polling day, there were SLPP party agents in all polling stations across the country and that at the closure of polls the party received all the results from across the country in 30 minutes. He said it was based on the result gathered from party agents they were able to arrive at the conclusion that they have won the elections.

He however pleaded with their members and supporters to be law abiding and jubilate their victory peacefully.

In his response, the Publicity Secretary of the ruling APC maintained that it is ridiculous for a political party that could not win majority seats in parliament to claim victory.

SLPP leading by a small margin after the announcement of 75% of the total results, he said, does not mean that they have won. According to him it is possible that the will APC after the final result is called.

APC he disclosed in their preparation for the March 7 elections also prepared for a possible run-off and that should there be any run-off after the final announcement, they were more than prepared.