APC, SLPP MPs In Trouble


As the life of parliament expires tomorrow and the 7th March, 2018 national elections drawing nearer, the proverbial phrase: “By their works we shall know them” comes to play when a good number of seating parliamentarians on either sides who have not represented their constituents well will be in deep trouble with them.

It is but a fact that some Members of Parliament forget the very purpose they were elected by their people once the enter into the House of Parliament as their selfish pursuits for ill-gotten wealth sway them away from their duties as the people’s representatives.

That notwithstanding, others take their work seriously and do the best they can to address the felt needs of their people through the Constituency Development Funds allocated to them and, sometimes, from their own pockets. Now is the time for both set of parliamentarians to be judged by their people for their stewardship.

For many of the current Members of Parliament hoping to seek reelection, they will eventually get to know that life does not always go as planned. For those who have planned to be reelected by doing the right things, they do not have much to worry about; knowing that in this world, what you sow is what you reap. For those who thought that whether they perform well or not, they will always get their party’s symbol and took things for granted, the reality is going to hit them very hard when they realize that this time around, the parties are going to be very selective in handing out symbols as they know that they face challenges from various new kids on the block.

Now the parties know that in order to win seats, they have to listen to the dictates of the people because they fear the will of the people which they are going to exercise freely through the ballot box. Accordingly the parties have made it categorically clear that they will only give symbols to those who the people want.

Accordingly, there is very serious trouble within the parties between the old members of parliament and new people aspiring to enter into parliament.