APC Slams Ultimatum * Nfa Alie Must Go * Civil Disobedience * All MPs, Councilors To Cease Sittings


Both the Secretary General and the National Publicity Secretary of the All People’s Congress (APC), Amb. Yansaneh and Cornelius Deveaux respectively have stated that their party does not accept the result of last Saturday’s Ward 196 council bye-election.

“We believe our candidate, Alusine Sesay is the winner,” Ambassador Yansaneh told this press.

In a very angry mood, Deveaux said, “We totally condemn the attempt by Nfa Alie and SLPP to steal the people’s mandate.” He therefore called for the immediate resignation of the entire NEC hierarchy.

Deveaux charged that APC has incontrovertible evidence of massive ballot stuffing and over-voting in several polling stations. Police, he said, arrested a Polling Station Manager and six people for election irregularities that, he said, were ordered released by Manso Dumbuya, SLPP Western Area Chairman who was on the ground in contravention of the MoU signed before the election by the political parties with the PPRC.

According to Deveaux, there was a barrage of high profile SLPP personalities on the ground and police over-presence, he said, was intimidating and scaring.

The Local Unit Commander Mr. Sovula and the Ambassador to Guinea, Deveaux said, were seen manifestly influencing the conduct of the election. As such, Deveaux said the election was not won by SLPP; views, he said, expressed by the NGC and the All Political Parties Association (APPA).

On a notice purportedly coming from the APC Secretariat calling for APC to embark on civil disobedience and for all their MPs and Councilors not to attend sittings or engage in any governmental functions, Deveaux said that whilst it does not come from the Secretariat, yet it is reflective of the view of the general membership of the party.

Whilst the party, he said, will follow the due process of the law to make their grievance known, because they do not have confidence in the Judiciary, APC, he said, will seek some stringent political actions that will bring the ruling party to its senses. The party leadership, he said, will hold a meeting and the line of action that will be adopted will be communicated to the general membership.

Meanwhile, National Elections Watch has issued a statement on its view of the conduct of last Saturday’s Ward 196 bye-election. According to NEW, though the election was violence free, irregularities took place.

These, NEW said, included complaints against the PCM of Center No. 08057, St. Mary’s JSS, Mile 14 that he was an SLPP operative and so was asked to sit aside; marked, signed SLPP ballot papers; bribe to vote; un-reconciled ballots; excess ballots; use of both 2018 and 2019 ballot papers and the tally center computer rejecting several result reconciliation forms. NEW said it wants to know from NEC how these irregularities came about as they impinge on the credibility and integrity of the election.