APC Scribe Questions 6334 System


The National Secretary General of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Amb. Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh has in an interview with The Exclusive stated that the government should have increased the salaries of teachers for the free quality education.

The APC scribe argued that in 2010, when the then APC government introduced the free healthcare scheme, it increased the salaries of health workers.

He also recalled that prior to the overthrow of the APC in 1992, government had a Committee looking into the then 7,3,2,2 education system headed by Professor Mondeh but pointed out that the Committee’s findings and recommendations were ignored by the the National Provisiona Ruling Council (NPRC) that went ahead to introduce the 6334 education system from Ghana.

He continued that while serving as High Commissioner in Ghana, he studied their educational system and discovered that the country dropped the 6334 because the requisite infrastructure for its continuation was not available.

“I wrote and advised our government back home to look into our own 6334 system of education,” said the APC scribe, adding that when the APC government acceded to power he advised that the Prof. Gbamanja Commission be instituted to change the system.

Like the Ghana, the 6334 he said, was introduced here for pupils who cannot make it up after the BECE to enroll into technical and vocational training but pointed that the requisite infrastructures are not available.