APC Robinho Ambushed

The political Robinho in the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party, Hon. Robin Faley was past Wednesday ambushed by jubilant grassroots supporters of the party.

The firebrand politician is reported to have scored political goals and made significant inroads for the governing APC in the South-East following his defection from the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) ahead of the November 2012 multitier elections.

Political Robhino, who was spotted sandwiched by a group of jubilant APC youths, enquired to know about the friendly ambush. “We love and appreciate you because you are a grassroots politician with much loyalty the party,” the jubilant youths said.

Speaking to The Exclusive, one of the jubilant supporters, Umu Barrie said, Hon. Faley is always with the young people of the party and that he always opens up to the women folks. He said political Robinho has proved to them that he joined the party wholeheartedly. “He is a true politician,” she said.

Hassan P. Bangura aka Police also lavished praises on Hon. Faley for the sacrifices he has made for the party. “May God bless him for his good work,” he said.

“Robin Faley is our brother from the South-East. He has followed the footsteps of the Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh and has made impact on the party in that part of the country,” said Saffa Conteh, adding that Robinho also overlaps in the North-West of the country to propagate the achievements of the APC to the masses, especially during bye-elections.

Yusuf Rahim Barrie aka Rahim APC said Robinho joined the APC with a clean heart and that he also came with him a lot of followings from the SLPP. “He is all over the place working in the interest of the party. He deserves to be a flagbearer, a running-mate or an MP. We believe he can perform well in any of those positions,” Rahim APC said.

Similar sentiments were also expressed by Sylvester Dickson, a member of the APC Taskforce as well as APC musicians – Michael Ngegba and Ibrahim Kemoh, among others.

In his response to all the praises heaped on him, Robinho said, “I feel proud and gratified for all the sentiments expressed, particularly from the grassroots. I joined the APC because of the good vision I saw in President Ernest Bai Koroma.” He stated that he took a big risk when he left the SLPP and joined the APC, adding that he never regretted his decision.

“Since I joined the APC, my vision has been to make the party a preferred political party in Sierra Leone. Within the five years I have been with the party, I feel very proud and gratified that I have been able to add more value to the APC chain and I intend to contribute immensely to ensure victory in the 2018 national elections. That is why my mission henceforth is, ‘Operation Minimum 30% Campaign’ in the South-East, particularly in areas where the APC had performed less than 10 to 15% in the previous elections,” he concluded.