APC Rejects EBK’s Resignation


Twice the National Chairman and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), former President Ernest Bai Koroma has reportedly tendered his letter of resignation to the party’s National Advisory Committee (NAC) and twice NAC has reportedly refused to accept the  resignation and asked him to stay in office and continue providing leadership.

It could be recalled that prior to the March, 2018 national elections, former President Koroma told the APC that he would resign his position as National Chairman and Leader after the elections and allow others the opportunity to provide leadership and direction for the party.

The erstwhile President reportedly took the decision to resign his position because when the APC lost the 31st March, 2018 presidential runoff election to the then main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), he faced a lot of bashing, embarrassment and humiliation from party members and supporters that accused him of selling out to SLPP.

In his own words in his hometown Makeni after his two terms of office, former President Koroma reportedly told party members and supporters of the extreme patience with which he endured the calumny and insults that were heaped on him and his family for the APC loss.

He also reportedly told his audience that targeting him for castigation for the party’s loss was unfair to him, given that he had worked very hard to take the party from the abyss of political oblivion to election victories in 2007 and 2012. “How then could I have destroyed a party that I took from grass to grace?” former President Koroma reportedly queried.

The former President, according to report, explained that he was no longer part of the party’s electioneering process as a flagbearer had been selected as the party’s standard bearer. He reportedly said it was his constitutional responsibility to step aside and allow free and fair elections to be held, adding that after the elections, the former President tendered his resignation twice to pave the way for the party to elect a new leadership though NAC rejected them.

According to some APC members and supporters this medium interviewed on the issue, they maintained that former President Koroma continues to command a lot of respect and support from the APC grassroots that appreciate him for all what he did for the party and the nation at large as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and APC National Chairman and Leader.

They furthered that NAC and the APC grassroots want their National Chairman and Leader to continue in that position until he finishes reforming the party in order to place it on a strong footing to move forward well prepared for the 2023 national elections.