APC On Fire


  • Lansana Fadika Says NRM On A Mission To Destroy
  • NRM Calls For Executive To Go

Following the devastating 2018 presidential runoff election loss to their arch political rivals – the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), indications are that all is not well within the defeated All People’s Congress (APC) family and many fear that the situation may culminate in the party exploding into factions.

Leading the ideological struggle for the heart and mind of the party is an emergent group of dissenting voices call themselves National Reformation Movement (NRM). The movement’s leader is Mohamed Sheridan Kamara and its Public Relations Officer (PRO) is Minkailu Koroma.

The NRM is very clear about its intention that the current National Advisory Committee (NAC), which comprised the National Chairman and Leader, National Deputy Chairman and Leader, National Secretary General and other national executive positions that presided over the March 2018 national elections, should call it quit.

NRM’s rebellious stance towards the National Chairman and Leader, former President Ernest Bai Koroma and the entire NAC members is based on their investigations into the causes of the party’s 2018 national election demise which they blamed primarily on the methods used by NAC to select its candidates for the elections, especially the controversial selection of the presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara.

According to report, the NRM’s findings indicate that the dictatorial way in which the APC candidates for the national elections were selected led to those who were popular candidates that were denied symbols and their supporters to be extremely angry, thereby causing voter apathy amongst them. This, NRM claims, influenced the outcome of the presidential runoff election against the APC.

The NRM also reportedly states that its investigations into the causes of the APC’s defeat in the elections had to do with both the methods used to campaign, as well as the campaign messages. According to the movement, whereas the APC chose the slogan Tolongbo, which is strictly interpreted as following a leader like a flock of sheep, the then opposition SLPP had better campaign messages of “Pa-o-pa Salone for betteh,” meaning Sierra Leone will prosper at any cost.

The NRM further claimed, according to report, that in fact, the erstwhile APC government contributed to the party’s defeat by providing SLPP stalwarts with jobs and contracts, and used the proceeds to fight the APC. The movement also claimed that its investigations revealed that the APC leadership isolated themselves from two very important grassroots organizations – the National Youth League and the Women’s Wing – in terms of not consulting with them or sounding their opinions on matters affecting the party before taking pertinent decisions.

The NRM, according to report, said the sacking of former elected Vice President Sam Sumana and the Mayor of Koidu, Sahr Emmerson Lamina; and the undignified treatment meted out to the former Majority Leader and Head of Government Business in Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu, Alimamy Philip Koroma and other presidential flag-bearers prior to the selections had disastrous consequences on APC in the 2018 presidential election.

Based on the movement’s findings, it conclusively insinuates that the current NAC led by former President Koroma unfit for purpose and its executive members must therefore vacate their positions.

The NRM reportedly has a vocal supporter in the person of Ojukutu Macauley, the Editor of APC We Yone Newspaper, who at a meeting of the movement made bold to state that the party must call things by their names. He said that in the current APC, one should not talk or question issues affecting the party, noting that some stalwarts think they should be respected but do not have respect for others. “Respect should be reciprocal,” Ojukutu Macauley was quoted as saying.

He stated bluntly that the APC should not be confident of coming back to power in 2023 because, according to his surmise, the party has become powerless, adding that since the party lost power it has been unable to finance the publication of its mouthpiece. Such a situation, Ojukutu said, is caused by the party depending on just one financier.

He therefore asked that the political space inside APC be opened up to allow stalwarts with the wherewithal to come forward and finance the party as they are many in the party.

Joining the ranks of the dissidents that are calling for reform in APC is the former Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the UK/Ireland, Hon. Eddie Turay. He believes that restructuring of APC must be a priority because, according to him, a handful of greedy people who caused the party’s defeat should not be tolerated to continue holding important party positions. The party elder charged that greed, selfishness and poor management ability of the executive caused the APC to shamefully lose the March, 2018 presidential runoff election.

The intensity of this ideological struggle that has been ignited in the APC family witnessed Lansana Fadika’s vitriolic attack on NRM. In an audio message that he circulated, he lambasted the movement as being made up of idle, drunken jobless simpletons that have been hired and paid by certain people to destroy the party.

He maintained that members of the NRM are people they know. “They are determined to scatter the party and they have been paid to do so,” claimed Lansana Fadika, adding that he has evidence to those claims.

“Una watch dem (watch them), they have taken money to destroy the party. They are drunkards and their intentions are dubious,” he fumed.

While Lansana Fadika called on the party’s grassroots to resist them, he maintained that they would personally lead a nationwide crusade to discredit and expose NRM starting in the Western Area.

“We must be determined, they are thieves,” he charged, adding that, “They have received from Le2 million to Le3 million each to destroy the party. We are mobilizing against them.”

He fumed that NRM members were up to destroying the party and described their act as nonsense. Lansana Fadika condemned the movement for trying to remove Ernest Bai Koroma, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray and others as leaders of the party, adding that they would not be removed until fresh elections are held.

Asked whether he has received NRM’s report on the causes of APC’s defeat in the 2018 presidential runoff election, the APC National Secretary General, Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh said it is not to his knowledge and therefore cannot make any comment at this stage.