APC Office Burnt Down


Reports of naked terror, vandalism and arson are allegedly being committed by the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) supporters against the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) supporters and party assets across the country that has reached an alarming proportion.

On the night of Saturday, 7th April, 2018, the APC party office built in Taiama, Kori Chiefdom in the Moyamba district that was constructed by Dr. Kalfala Marah and commissioned in August last year was allegedly burnt down by unknown assailants. Dr. Kalfala Marah, who served as Minister of Foreign Minister and International Cooperation in the APC Government until he was defeated in the presidential run-off election on Saturday, 31st March, constructed the party office in the home district of his wife in his party’s bid to extend its influence in that part of the country.

The alleged burning of the APC party office in Taiama is not the only reported incident against APC after the presidential run-off election. In Freetown, unknown people suspected to be SLPP thugs allegedly attempted twice to attack and set on fire the APC Secretariat at Old Railway Line, Brookfields. After the second attempt was rebuffed, APC strongmen guarding the building vowed that any further attempt would be murderously countered.

Another report on election-related violence against APC supporters comes from Koquima in Koidu city, Kono district. Over 300 women and children, who are displaced and living under the protection and sustenance of the Chief at Masingbi in Tonkolili district, allegedly fled the community leaving all their possessions behind because of fear of violence by alleged SLPP supporters.

A youth peace activist group in Makeni also reported that an emissary they sent to Magburaka to help broker peace between the warring APC and SLPP supporters lost his life.

On Sunday in Goderich on the outskirts of Freetown, alleged SLPP supporters attacked a man cruising in his Jeep, who they perceived to be an APC member, and pelted his vehicle with missiles, thereby causing extensive damage to it, including the windscreen.

Meanwhile, the ruling SLPP have also alleged that on Sunday 8th April, 2018 in Dia, the chiefdom headquarters of Kiss Kama in Kailahun district, a party youth was allegedly killed by APC supporters.

It could be recalled that after the announcement of the presidential run-off results on last Wednesday night, Abacha Street traders on the following morning reported that they found their tables and stalls damaged or overturned.

At the weekend, violence was reportedly unleashed by alleged SLPP youths against security forces and traders they suspected to the APC supporters.