APC Flagbearer Aspirants Silent

No one prays for misfortune to strike him or her. But in the design of things, misfortunes happen every now and then and when they do, we are forced to delay or cancel plans that we have made.

So it happened when the unexpected Monday 14th August landslide in Regent Village and flash flood in different low-lying communities in Freetown struck that sent shockwaves throughout the country and globally. Once more, like the Ebola tragedy, another mishap of catastrophic proportion sent our nation into deep mourning.

A very grieved ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party which had planned to hold its national delegates’ conference in Makeni in mid September decided that they cannot be seen to be holding a big political jamboree with the nation in mourning for the hundreds of people who lost their lives and those missing in the tragedy. So the APC National Secretary General, Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh consequently pronounced that the party had indefinitely postponed the holding of the political jamboree.

What is however interesting is that since the APC National Secretary General made the pronouncement, all the party’s flagbearer aspirants have gone silent with widespread speculation that they have gone into hiding. The likes of John Bonoh Sisay, who had got off to a roaring start, much to the annoyance of people like Alhaji Alpha Khan suggesting that he had flouted the party’s order by beating the gun, have not been heard from since.

So also have we heard nothing from Alimamy Pepito Koroma, Dr. Kelfala Marah, John Fitzgerald Kamara, Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura and the vociferous Rev. Mary Yansaneh. This has made people to wonder whether the aspirants have become disappointed and frustrated over the indefinite postponement of the national delegates’ conference.

When The Exclusive put the question to Secretary General Yansaneh on Tuesday morning as to why the seeming silence from the flagbearer aspirants, he replied that it is because the party is disciplined and that its membership listens to the leadership. This, he says, is a very good indication of the fact that the party is united.