APC Big Guns Meet


Following his heroic homecoming on Sunday 5th August 2018, impeccable sources from the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) have intimated that the party’s National Chairman and Leader has dialogued with stalwarts of the party where he was briefed about the current political dispensation whilst he was on vacation in neighboring Guinea.

The meeting, report say, was, among other things,  aimed at mapping the way forward for the party to reorganize itself as a formidable opposition ahead of the 2023 national elections.

Meanwhile, the National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Cornelius Deveaux has disclosed that the nine- man committee set up to look into the causes of the party’s defeat in the March 2018 elections will soon submit its findings and recommendations to the party’s  National Advisory Committee (NAC).

The committee he said is entitles to independency in that operation and that its report is not going to be in oral but in written for which more time is needed to present it final report to the National Advisory Council (NAC).

APC as the main opposition he said was up to it task as the party has issued out several releases and update the media on key issues involving political intimidation, harassment and arrest of their members.

He cited the recent letter written to the Inspector General of Police calling for investigation of political intimidation and harassment of their members.