Another Aberdeen Murder *7 Arrested

Officers at Lumley police station are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of one Mariama Kamara whose remains were found at Coffee Wharf, Aberdeen village recently.

The police at Aberdeen told The Exclusive during preliminary investigations that the deceased was later discovered to be the wife of one Navy Officer with whom they had a child.

Some seven suspects have been arrested and are helping the police with investigations. One Charles Nuni who was also arrested told the police that he gave the deceased the sum of Le5,000 on the eve of the incident.

In another development, officers policing the Aberdeen community and its environs became the subject of immense attack and molestation from one George Collins and his gangs last week when the officers attempted to make follow-up investigation after receiving complaint from the National Tourist Board.

It could be recalled that on the 15th June this year, the police received a bitter complaint from the Department Manager of the National Tourist Board, Madam Abie Osagie that some of her staff who were on official duty in the community had been attacked by Chief Vidal Kennick, George Collins and few others.

Immediately, the LUC sent his Operation Officer, ASP Kanneh and team to ascertain the report. The officers to their utmost dismay were physically abused and threatened by George Collins and his men.

The ugly incident however drew the attention of the Local Unit Commander who reportedly went to the scene. He too was never spared and an attempt by the police to make any arrest was met with fierce resistance as they were driven out with stones and other dangerous objects until a re-enforcement was enhanced.

However, a subsequent raid by the police after few days saw the police executing some arrests including George Collins who reports indicate had been earlier warned by Magistrate Emmanuella Harding. They are currently helping the police with its investigation.